Car chase and shoot-out in France

Gemes Sandor via Wikipedia
Migrants are choosing dangerous methods of crossing European borders

FOUR men were seriously injured in a crash following a police car chase and shoot-out near Dunkirk in Northern France.

The UK-registered car was pursued and shot at by French police at a reported 200km per hour, after which the Audi crashed. The men are suspected people smugglers and the chase crossed from Belgium to France. Two of the men were shot.

Belgian prosecutors have explained that there was strong evidence linking the men to a people-trafficking ring and, soon after the four were stopped, dozens of migrants were found in a lorry. It is understood that this happened trough a linked police operation in Belgium.

Apparently, the chase had begun when a lorry driver informed Belgian police that he saw the men, all of whom are said to be Iraqi, trying to aid 17 migrants into his lorry and, when representatives of the law arrived at the car park where the lorry was stationed, the four men fled in their car.

According to further media reports, the chase caused three accidents once the car crossed the border into France; one motorcyclist lost his life when he struck a lorry as a result of this. At least 15 shots were reportedly fired by police to stop the vehicle.

All four alleged perpetrators are currently in serious condition in a hospital in the northern French town of Lille.


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