British man killed in Tenerife

Wouter Hagens
Adeje Beach

IN the early hours of May 5, National Police and emergency services were called to an affray in the Avenida Ernesto Sarti in the holiday resort of Adeje by the Playa de Las Americas in the south of Tenerife.

When they arrived at about 1.45am, they discovered that a 53-year-old had experienced a heart attack after becoming involved in fight with two people who have since been arrested.

When paramedics arrived they tried to revive the man who was suffering from the heart attack but their efforts proved unsuccessful.

As is often the situation in this type of case, a judge has declared the case as being “in camera” whilst investigations are underway, which means that the police are unable to make any comment or even confirm the nationality or sex of those who have been arrested.



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