Star Wars day should be an international holiday according to many

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The Force Awakens

AFFICIANADOS of the Star Wars franchise celebrate Star Wars day on May 4, saying to each other in a spirit of punning solidarity ‘May the fourth be with you’ and for many, including the Disney Group which purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, this is a day for celebration and special events.

Ironically, the phrase appears to have first been used by the conservative party who placed an advertisement in a London newspaper (following the election victory which brought Britain her first female prime minister on that date), saying ‘May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.’

For various censuses around the English-speaking world, it was suggested that for the answer on religion, respondents should report themselves as Jedi or Jedi Knights and in 2001, nearly 400,000 British people completely the form elected to be Jedi’s which was more than people who considered themselves Buddhist, Jewish or Sikh.


Rather than be offended or take a snotty position, the Office for National Statistics revealed the total figure in a press release entitled ‘390,000 Jedi there are’.

Other momentous events on the same day saw the first edition of the Daily Mail, end of Prohibition in New York, HMS Sheffield hit in the Falklands and Ken Livingstone became the first Mayor of London.


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