Spanish electioneering starts with Gibraltar an easy target

La Moncloa Gobierno de España
Albert Rivera (the student) and Mariano Rajoy (the master)

YOU can tell that the Spanish are getting ready for a new election on June 26, as the Gibraltar bashing has started already, with Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera establishing his right-wing credentials by laying down a motion in the Cortes concerning the Rock.

From a parliamentary point of view, it is a pointless exercise as there won’t even be a debate on the motion, although it will probably win a nod of agreement from Interim Foreign Minister Margallo, but it is clearly an appeal to the Spanish electorate to flock to his banner to give the ‘guiris’ a bit of a fright, even though what he has said is somewhat ‘economical with the truth’.

In essence, he suggested that despite all evidence to the contrary, Gibraltar continues to be a tax haven, a centre for smuggling and is generally bad for the region, but makes no mention of the number of Spanish who work on the Rock, or the financial benefits.


He evens calls for a suspension of all co-operation, except where required by law, with the UK, until negotiations commence on sovereignty, and in an interesting sleight of hand he calls for the United Nations to demand that Gibraltar ceases to be a colony (which it isn’t) and after that, he would want Spain to rule the non-colony jointly with Britain before making it an ‘autonomous’ part of Spain.



  1. Carry on dreaming ,British Gibraltar will never be anything but British ,and mabey spain should find out what a colony is as its not Gibraltar nor are we a tax havern ,are there that stupid ,margallo and the rest of the spanish gov will all be dead and we will still be British ,your tactics have not worked in over 311 yrs and WILL NEVER WORK so wake up and smell the coffee ,WE ARE BRITISH AND WILL ALLWAYS BE BRITISH

  2. Once again – why do those interested, not least those on Gibraltar use the Peace of Paris agreement of 1782 which finally lifted the seige, and the Versailles Treaty of 1783 as evidence that Gibraltar was confirmed and agreed by Britain and Spain, as a British overseas territory in perpetuity, and, in return Menorca, then in British hands, given on the same terms to Spain, and, Florida then under British rule, given to Spain – they sold it to the emerging USA in 1808 – Good job eh, wonder if they regret that ? Utterly frustrating that nobody seems to go to the root of this, legally – politicians, residents of Gibraltar, media etc. Much better to waste everyones time and raise blood pressures to no good purpose – as usual.


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