Bank Holiday violence in Marbella as British man suffers brutal stabbing

The savage attack happened in Marbella’s leisure port.

A BRITISH man was viciously stabbed in Marbella over the Bank Holiday weekend, with National Police suspecting that the incident may have been triggered by a drunken altercation.

Emergency services received notice of the incident around 9am on Saturday April 30, and half an hour later the victim was dumped at a local clinic by two unidentified men, who immediately drove away in a white car.

He had received several deep cuts to the head, chest, neck and arm so an ambulance was dispatched to transfer him to the Costa del Sol Hospital, where it was discovered that his internal organs were intact and his life was not in immediate danger, although an emergency operation was required to treat the injuries.

No arrests have been made as yet, but police have opened an investigation and continue to search for the perpetrators, who witnesses have reported to be a group of intoxicated Englishmen.

In a separate incident on Saturday April 30, four men were admitted to hospital after being badly beaten in a fracas outside a Marbella nightclub which is thought to have involved around a dozen people.


  1. typical – can’t handle their booze- they need educating
    to the size of the measures here which they can’t cope with- why is it the brits believe it is a good time to get drunk and fight?


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