Scouts take centre stage at International Feria


THE 1st Fuengirola Scout Group was out in full force on Saturday April 30 as creatures big and small made their way to the International Feria de los Pueblos in Fuengirola to take part in a bit of multi-cultural merriment.

The scout group was celebrating the 100th anniversary of cubs and the 30th anniversary of beavers, and in order to mark this milestone, beavers, cubs, scouts, rainbows and brownies joined forces and took to the streets, as they joined a parade that went through the streets of Fuengirola and ultimately straight into the beating heart of the Feria.

Group leaders were on hand to make sure that little critters were on their best behaviour, but the children remained calm and collected in the face of the blazing sunshine and the thunder of the drums, as factions from various countries and parts of Spain showed up to get involved in the international intrigue.

The United Kingdom group was led by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip themselves, with the scout group taking up the rear as they marched behind a huge float decorated with two custom-made cakes, and pulled by a van on loan from the Ark Christian Fellowship in Las Rampas. Emblazoned on the sides of the cake was the jubilant message:  ‘100 years of cubs, 30 years of Beavers’.

Upon arrival at the Feria, the scout group headed to a quaint British tavern set up just for the occasion, with tasty ales flowing from the taps, the smell of fish and chips wafting in from just outside the door, and the Costa Soul singers and the cover band Revival belting out an assortment of toe-tapping tunes of British and international origin.

But before the music kicked off, the children once again took centre stage as they performed several spirited dances around a maypole set up especially for the occasion. Parents and well-wishers beamed proudly as the wee ones skipped their way in and, like old pros, took the ribbons in hand and performed their nimble routine round and round the stately maypole.

After that the children were free to run and play, as they nibbled on hot dogs and played tag while parents enjoyed some lively conversation in a jovial atmosphere.

All in all it was a day to remember for the scouts, as well as a lovely day for Britain and all the world, as the International Feria brought an explosion of colour and culture to the town to remind us all that even though we may speak different languages, wear different clothes, or eat different foods, at the end of the day we all value the same things: family, friendship, and a little bit of good old-fashioned fun. 


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