No drinks in the street for Ibiza party town

© Eduardo Pitt
San Antonio.

IN a bold move, an Ibiza town is due to ban the drinking of any type of liquid in the street. The town of San Antonio is a coastal resort on the west coast of the island and is famous as the party town on the island. Now the local council want to get tough on clubbers when boozing in public areas.

The new proposals are being put forward by the council but have yet to be approved. The fines for drinking in the street would be €750 and which would also restrict people from even drinking water or coffee.

Aida Alcaraz, a town councillor in San Antonio commented: “Given how difficult it is for police to differentiate between whether it is alcohol or a soft drink being consumed it is necessary to adopt an outright ban.


She continued: “Obviously people will be allowed to consume drinks on the terraces of bars but they won’t be able to take the drinks off the premises.”

The resort is extremely popular with young British tourists who get away to party and drink to excess. Last summer, in collaboration with Spanish police, officers from West Midlands force were sent out to patrol the resort and also neighbouring Magaluf in Mallorca to help try and curtail the drunk Brits abroad from behaving too badly. 


  1. Ibiza and San Antonio have been know as presenting a party atmosphere for holiday makers, it has been mostly what the islands tourist trade has been built on and makes the businesses there work in the few months they can open. I will say no more… really wish I hadn’t read this, even more disappointed in Spanish mentality.


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