Another humorous suggestion from reader Philip in San Fulgencio

© Rubins Marluzzo
A four legged surfing lifeguard.

Applicants are invited to apply for vacancies for the upcoming season to patrol the dog beaches in Santa Pola and potentially in Torrie.

There is a heavy criterion for these prestigious positions and time wasters need not apply. All applicants must have 4x legs, tail, and be able to swim and climb the lookout posts. (Not suitable to small breeds, so Yorkies and other tiddlers hard luck!!).

As part of the job description an ability to speak human would be a great advantage, especially when confronting a minority of bone idle dog owners who will dig a small hole in the sand and bury dog poo.Not to mention the yellow stuff they leave behind, you won’t be able to see. Non dog owners you have been warned.

The bitches are catered for but some trees need erecting for the dogs.

The position is most suited to a large patient, yet firm dog, who can nip fights and copulation in the bud. He or She should also be psychologically equipped to deal with the expected heavy petting which will be inevitable. A loud bark is a must, also the ability to blow a whistle. 

All female dogs applying should not be liable to become on heat as all hell will break loose, turning the local dog bars in to an orgy. Male dogs should also cover their parking light when on duty!

This could also become a trend, cat beaches,!  Who knows maybe someone will come up with a novel idea of putting donkeys on the beach, now that would really be something!!!

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