Tiki Beach bar is plainly ticked off


THE Tiki Beach pub on Benidorm’s Levante promenade is popular with tourists but not Edificio Santa Margarita residents.

Since 2009 there has been ongoing conflict between Tiki Beach and the occupants of apartments above the pub. The residents’ community has fought for years to have the bar closed down owing to its excessively loud music and the clientele’s ‘unbridled behaviour.’

Ruling that the pub breached noise regulations, an Alicante court ordered it to cease operations last June, but the owners of the premises and its tenants promptly appealed.

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Both claimed that two witnesses gave false testimony during the hearing, but the Alicante High Court has thrown out the appeal on the grounds that the June verdict was not based on their evidence.

Santa Margarita residents expressed satisfaction with the latest ruling although the Tiki Beach management said it will appeal.


  1. The Tiki Beach Bar is a great venue for a drink & entertainment. The duo – ‘The Tiki Boys’ are outstanding.
    Sure it may be a bit rowdy and noisy at times – so are many other bars – You are on the beach in Benidorm – what else do you expect.

    Residents should either get a life, and get real or get a suitcase and move to Eastbourne.



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