Things definitely weren’t better then

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SENTRY POST: Checkpoint Charlie Berlin today.

ONE of the advantages of being allowed to write a regular column is that you can literally choose whatever story is irritating, pleasing or going through your head at the time, and today, I am going to air my views on what I believe is totally irrelevant where the matter of the Brexit is concerned.

So many people seem to live in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ as far as what could happen if we leave the European Union. 

The answer is, despite what anyone says, we just don’t know. That’s not to say that it might not be better or it might be worse, but there is absolutely no undeniable evidence available about what will happen.


I’m not trying to convert anyone to stay or go, but I am absolutely staggered that so many people keep referring to how things were before Britain joined the EEC, and how they will be the same if we leave.

Talk about rose-tinted glasses. Things change, and a hell of a lot has changed in the past 43 years. I must admit, I can’t remember whether I even voted in the referendum but I do know that in those days, there were a lot of problems around the world.

 There was the Cold War, Vietnam, a great big wall around parts of Berlin and just a few years later, it was impossible to take any sensible amount of foreign currency abroad when you travelled due to the dreadful economy.

These are just a few examples of how things change, and no matter how many people may hope that everything will be nice and happy, just like it was before we joined the Common Market, things have changed and will not revert back.

Everyone is entitled to make their own decision about the referendum, even though successive governments have played with the expatriate right to vote (see, that’s changed a few times).

All I ask is that everyone who is able to vote does so based on at least an attempt to understand the options, difficult as that may be, rather than just live in hope that we can go back to the days of rolled up handkerchiefs on your head, Watneys Red Barrel and striped deckchairs.

Alternatively, vote as you feel appropriate and then passively look forward to a new era of discovery!


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