Teddy’s story part 2

TEDDY: I’m so wrapped up in him and his well-being I don’t worry like I used to.

The heart-warming continuation of a woman with a rare skin-condition and the powerful bond she has with her little dog, Teddy.

We graduated when he was 18 months old. 

I was so happy that day, I could hardly speak I was so overcome. 


Teddy was to be the making of me. At last I did not worry about going to hospital anymore. I am so wrapped up in him and his well-being I don’t worry like I used to. 

The help he gives me is a bonus. His companionship and his loyalty are the best thing about having him. He is always there for me. 

I have reduced my painkillers since having him. When the pain is very bad, I cuddle up to him or he gets a toy as if to say ‘come on Mum, play and don’t think about it.’ 

We were to find an added bonus to having Edward apart from helping with the washing. He also helps with undressing, getting help, opening and closing doors, using the cash machine. 

Before Edward came into our lives my husband Peter had to stay awake while I slept. One night when Edward was about 10 months old, Peter accidently fell asleep and I stopped breathing. Within seconds Edward woke Peter up by pulling his pillow from under his head. 

At first we thought this was a one-off but as time went on Edward was awake the instant I stopped breathing. Slowly we decided to trust him more and more and now Peter goes off to sleep knowing that Edward will wake him if I am in trouble. 

Peter is no longer very tired all day. While we are out and about it is Edward and not my husband who is my carer. Edward has made our lives complete. 

I had always wanted to go to art college but when I took Peter along as a carer I found people kept away from me. I was so upset that I gave up going. 

Now I take Edward along and he watches loo doors and picks things up if I drop them. People love to have Edward there and they interact with both of us. I am so proud to take him with me. I have now exhibited my paintings and even sold some of them!!!!!! 

One day on the way home…

Tune in next week for the grand conclusion of this touching tale (or tail). 


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