Teenagers steal holidaymaker’s ID in Benidorm

© Homaca / Shutterstock

AFTER a school holiday to Benidorm, three British boys have been arrested as they tried to return home at Alicante airport. The teenagers are accused of pickpocketing UK tourists so they could use their ID to get into pubs. 

The boys, aged 17, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, were arrested at the airport just before boarding their flight home. 

Detectives from the National Police traced them after a worker at the hotel where they were staying contacted the authorities, after finding suspicious documents in the room where they had been staying in Benidorm. 


The papers were then handed in to the police who connected a recent pickpocketing crime to the boys. 

Police said in a statement that the three boys had been detained and they had found other documents linking them with similar crimes. 

The crimes happened in an area in Benalmadena called the ‘English zone’. 

The teenagers reportedly confessed to the crimes and said they had stolen them to gain entry into clubs that would not allow under 18’s in. 

After missing their flight home, the boys were allowed to return home on a later flight after their teachers purchased new tickets for them. 



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