More arrests as the Guardia Civil extend recent crackdown

© Guardia Civil
As always, someone found time to take a photo just before a door was smashed in.

THE Guardia Civil have continued their daily sequence of narcotic nabbing after arrested seven people, five Spaniards and two Colombians, in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Badajoz and Ibiza during an operation code-named NUCULA.

The gang are alleged members of an international criminal organisation dedicated to smuggling large quantities of cocaine concealed in containers on ships.

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The case was opened in February 2015, when police became aware that employees of Spanish ports had been approached with the incentive of bribes in order to facilitate the entry of drugs consignments into the country.

During their research, they learned that the gang planned to smuggle a significant amount of the drug into Algeciras, resulting in an enormous bust of 178 kilos in May 2015.

Investigations have since focused on identifying members of the faction, leading to the current round of arrests, during which various amounts of cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, and hashish were also seized, alongside guns, encrypted phones, six vehicles and €60,000 in cash.


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