I can’t abide by being threatened

BARACK OBAMA: I think he’s frightened of an independent United Kingdom that won’t succumb to blackmail.

IF there’s one thing I can’t abide its’ being threatened. In the slightly more murky areas of my somewhat chequered past, I generally found that those that commanded most respect didn’t bother to threaten, they simply acted, generally without any warning at all.

Those that did threaten were more inclined to be bullies who hid behind the reputations and exploits of others. A position perfectly occupied by Barack Obama.

This arrogant individual who, during his tenure has spent more time on the golf course than any other president in memory, displayed characteristics that often manifest in people of power. Those who consider that, at some time in history, they or their ancestors received a raw deal and now it’s payback time. 

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The man simply couldn’t wait to display how the tables have turned and how much he is now able to control the future of those he despises. The barely disguised sneer on his face when he told us we would ‘go to the back of the queue’ in any future trade deal, made me sick to my stomach. 

It’s not as if he commands any respect. This is a man whose past is shrouded in mystery. A man who took a long time to find his birth certificate, refuses to label any Muslim a terrorist, managed to remove the whole allied army from Afghanistan (I bet he was the toast of the Taliban chai houses for that one!). He told his nation that Muslims had always had deep ties and influences in American culture (and couldn’t come up with one example!), and whose wife, when she visited the UK, specifically chose a British school where the actual uniform was the Burka. 

I don’t believe he gives a damn about Britain’s economic ties with the EU, I think he merely wants the UK to retain the open border policies. I also think he’s frightened of an independent United Kingdom that won’t succumb to American blackmail like the rest of Europe. And I think Hillary Clinton is of the same mindset.  Vote Out.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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  1. I know what you mean Leapy, I didn’t think this man was a lot of use throughout his time in the White House although I did sympathize with him a little because of congress… but now in all honesty I have no sympathy for him as he has just shown me what he truly is… and that is a useless interfering idiot so maybe congress actually where on cue, “not queue or line as he would say we would be out of the EU”. The other thing that has put me off this man totally is the fact he went to Germany after his visit to the UK and told people he viewed his time in office as the saviour of America from a great depression! What does this man think he is? What happens to people after they spend a few years in power? Their personalties become like those of many rock stars and actors, they suddenly think they are unstoppable, they appear to think they are the messiahs of their society, Tony Blair, David Cameron, and now Obama… they need to get down off their high horses and hopefully when they do it will be through a hard fall so to waken them up 😉

  2. It’s a matter of fact that we are already the vassals of the USA which wants now a war against Russia. If China and India diplomacy doesn’t calm the appetite of the Americans and Putin loose his temper it will be soon. Pity that the UK didn’t agree Russia enter in the E.U. when Putin did his demand some years ago.

  3. Leapy, I think you may need to take a little more water with it. Obama was telling it the way it is……….which is why all the Brexit “numpties” are so distressed.

    Mind you in the interests of fairness and balance, the Brexit Leaders should be allowed to invite an important world leader to speak in support of the Leave Campaign…………Wait a minute, THERE ISN’T ONE!!!!!!

  4. Well its not the way it is and unfortunately it is people who prefer to stay in that don’t seem to understand very much except to publish stupid remarks than actually adding some facts to their arguments. Just so you understand you are saying something that does not make sense, it doesn’t matter what Obama says, he is not going to be in the White house very soon as so has no say, while in the white house congress never listened to him anyway!
    Former Australian premier John Howard supports Brexit while the Canadians said Britain would be at the front of the queue… you see the media only jump on the things they want! Take the time to understand the reasons Obama and Clinton want the UK in the EU, so they get a foot in the door through the UK, that is the only reason. If we left there would not be any issues trading with the US as that is not in their favour either. BTW, If you are in Spain and purchase items online from the US you will be billed “a lot” by Spanish customs 9 times out of 10 but if you do the same with UK address you will generally not be billed by customs… so not much issues with US and UK there, why? Because they already work together, officially or not, no trade agreement needed!

    I worry about someone who thinks the UK would be better IN, there will be no issues with trade if we leave but there will be with many other things if we stay in, including the NHS which will become a “part or fully” paid for service throughout the EU and you will live to regret your decision!

  5. PUTIN does for sure would like to see us out & they don’t come much Bigger BRIAN
    Also Our Queen not allowed to comment on Politics by what does come out of Palace states She wants Out
    & You compare no nothing, do nothing Obama.. who will be gone soon So he more than willing to speak for Cameron

  6. Past ; Present or Future : Well for sure cannot think of one {Past or Present.. & As Eton seems to control UK leaders cannot see one in foreseeable future. So Guess that is NONE

  7. How can we possibly criticise Obama when we have the likes of Cameron, Corbin etc
    Our lot are equally useless.
    A national living wage in name only.
    A health service in crisis with over Forty health trusts with CEOs on six figure salaries (some of which exceed £200,000) and each with its own huge beaurocracy.and a prime minister suspected of living on money gained through tax avoidance

    Corbin is about as electable as Niel Kinnock, and Ferage the same.

    Stop worrying the yanks and look closer to home

  8. One would hope that Obama may understand the difference between KNOW and NO!!!!!! Something you appear to be struggling with TEDDY!!!!!! If the BREXIT NUMPTIES are unable to persuade Putin to come and speak on their behalf they could always call on Kim Jong-un to add his support. An alliance of Johnson, Farage, Galloway, Putin and Kim Jong-un……would convince most!!!!

  9. I agree ‘our lot’ are equally useless but they are ‘our lot’ not someone from across the atlantic trying to interfere in ‘our’ politics’, imagine what would be said if David Cameron went over to the US and directly told the Americans what they should do in their current elections.

    Its not so much that we are worrying about the yanks Ian, it is what the story is about!

  10. Whatever you think of Obama, he’s the president of the country the UK believes will be its biggest trade partner post-Brexit (why post-Brexit? If the USA is such a huge market, why isn’t the UK exploiting it to the full now?) So, whether or not you Brexiteers feel personally affronted and think Obama’s an idiot for not agreeing with you, his view is pretty crucial. If he says the UK would be at the back of the queue in the event of a Brexit, he has to be taken seriously, whether you think he’s picking on you or not.
    If Put(a)in (Merde) agrees with a Brexit, that’s a good enough reason to vote to stay in. The guy’s dangerous. For personal reasons I would not feel physically safe in Russia due to his laws, so I’ve scored it off my holiday wish-list.
    When foreign affairs and foreign trade ministers worldwide, all universities and the majority of science institutes in the UK, the City of London – including the likes of Goldman Sachs – and top economists firmly believe a Brexit would be financial and cultural suicide, yet Put(a)in and Trump support the UK’s leaving the EU, I think no further argument is needed, really. The return on the investment of the UK’s EU membership (about €1 a week per taxpayer) is huge (ask farmers and science researchers, for a start). This, and a demonisation of foreigners, is the only argument for the UK’s leaving.

  11. Obama’s view is not crucial, for one he is not going to be president for very much longer. Alll these people you quote who want us to stay in the EU have all been paid for or in many ways control the EU through their bribery and corruption…sorry lobbying, You really need to read up on your facts because what you say is very very seriously flawed. In fact totally incorrect.

  12. 100% correct Dario, unfortunately there are quite a few naive and gullible people who really just don’t understand how things work in the world of politics and business today, they are the people politicians target in situations like the current. ;- )

  13. @Dario Melkuhn: Of course these top experts, finance, education and science figureheads are against a Brexit because they have benefited from the EU. That’s why they want to stay in it: because they’ve personally benefited and can see the advantages not i

  14. Kally, with all due respect, from what you have written in the past and from this last post I can see you really don’t have much of an idea on many things you write about. If you did research as you suggest you do you wouldn’t have said what you did about Obama not having anything to gain, I am not going to string out the explanation here as you can research why yourself although if you knew as much as you think you did you wouldn’t need to!

    I might add that I suggest you grow up a little Kally!

  15. @Mike, once again, you resort to peevish insults which show your lack of social skills and reasoning power, and limited intelligence. You have no idea who I am or what I do for a job or what else goes on in my life or what my personal characteristics are;

  16. @ MIKE : It appears you do not research.. Leapy’s Colum is all about debating.. Everyone has their views.. Even You !!! So you don’t go blasting someone for their Views..
    I notice you side stepped Obama.. Because there certainly cannot be anything he

  17. It appears to be you that does not do research teddyboy, I didn’t sidestep Obama! The fact is to explain the statement that Obama hasn’t anything to gain statement by Kally in full when for someone such as her who feels she researches a lot would quickly give the information she clearly can’t see or understand, and that is what Obama had to gain from his UK input on the EU…

    When you say “he certainly will not be remembered for his achievements while in Office.. Because as outsider in UK.. I cannot see a Single One Good thing he has Done !!!!!!! Completely the Opposite infact !!!!!” Is correct and exactly the reason he took the opportunity to say what he said… I know he hasn’t done anything, that is why he wants to go out with his name on something that he “appeared to” contribute to and that would be to finalise TTIP when he is in in his seat… something that having the UK remain in the UK might have given him.. this is now less likely of course as now the lit is being lifted on TTIP it seems it will not go forward as fast as he had hoped but when he was in the UK there was a chance it could… you don’t appear to realise that so yes there is something I knew you didn’t “to answer your statement” and if you had done a little bit of research and had put things to together then you too would have realised this… so rather than have a go at me maybe just thinking about what was written and quickly research it as I suggested would have saved your rant! 😉

  18. Kally if you are going to answer something I said then I might suggest you do it properly and answer the comment I made rather than just creating another thread and mentioning my name in it, you never know it might improve “your” social skills. I also might just remind you Kally, there actually are reasonably intelligent people that read these posts and understand that you are the one who appears to continually insult, I could take remarks on your insults a bit further but I won’t insult you! 😉

    Now if you did do what your are suggesting you do in your statement, you wouldn’t have needed to write your rant about my comment on your not knowing the gains that Obama has for making his statement in the UK regarding the EU, I am sure it would be simple to find for most people!

  19. @Mike, for some reason the system here doesn’t allow me to ‘reply’ or ‘reply with quote’. This may be a fault with my own computer and/or internet connection, but if that’s the only thing you find to slag me off about THIS time, I guess you must be gettin


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