Hidden treasure trove discovered in Sevilla

© Wikimedia
The Archaeology Museum in Sevilla.

AN ancient fortune containing over 600 kilos of Roman bronze coins was found buried in a Sevilla park on Wednesday April 27.

The hoard was uncovered by machines during construction work on the interior road in Zaudin Park in the city’s Tomares district.

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A total of 19 Roman amphorae, which appear specifically designed to hold money, were recovered, with the coins having been dated to the fourth century AD.

They have a figure of an emperor on one side with various Roman allegories on the reverse, and do not appear to have been circulated.

Archaeologists are calling the find “unique” in Spain and possibly the world due to the sheer number of coins and the fact that they are relatively uniform in design.

Initial theories suggest that the money was stashed away for payment of imperial taxes or army levies.

The artefacts were immediately deposited in the Sevilla Archaeology Museum.


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