Friends mourn John Elkington’s passing

John Elkington Facebook.

John Elkington, a 45-year-old from the Nottingham area, disappeared from sight in Benidorm on March 28 causing a flurry of activity on social media.

Friends of the well-liked and colourful character appealed for assistance in trying to trace him after his luggage and passport were found in a bar and he was no longer answering his phone. 

So worried were friends that they even produced a flyer which they asked Britons in Benidorm to share with friends in the area and to drop off in various bars.

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On April 22, the Foreign Office announced that his body had been found although police had no reason to believe that there was any evidence of foul play.

One friend is trying to arrange for one minute of applause at the next Nottingham Forest football club home game where he was a ‘red dog’ as regular supporters are known.

Another friend, Louise Bolwell, placed a statement on Facebook once the news of his death became known saying: “It is with great sadness that we’ve had the news that John has passed away, the pubs will certainly be quieter without you.”



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