Charging buffalo kills man at the Safari Aitana

Safari Aitana near Alicante.

A MAN has been killed after he was trampled by a charging buffalo at a safari centre on the Costa Blanca. 

Whilst carrying out maintenance at the Safari Aitana near Alicante on Wednesday, the 42-year-old man was gored and dragged along the ground for a few metres, which tragically resulted in his death. 

A spokesman said: “All we know is that he was working and then he was charged by a buffalo.”

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After being rushed to hospital the man was pronounced dead upon arrival. 

Some people have reported that the man had stepped outside of a security zone when the incident occurred, but the Guardia Civil did not confirm these reports. Authorities are currently investigating what happened. 

Aitana refused to comment at this time. The wildlife safari centre has animals from across the globe including Europe, Asia, the Americas Australia and Africa.

On Aitana’s website it states that it is an “authentic safari by car, just like in Africa,” and tries to provide a more natural way to seeing animals rather than in a zoo behind bars. It also helps with the preservation of endangered animals. 

The safari has several different kinds of buffalo: the American buffalo, the Asian water buffalo and the African forest buffalo. It is not yet clear which kind of buffalo gored the man.


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