White House in Lockdown two days in a row

© White House flickr
Michelle Obama and children in the grounds of the White House.

IN these days of high alert, it doesn’t take much to get the security services excited and this is particularly true in the US, where the President is seem to be a constant potential target for a range of terrorists, white supremacists and general nut cases of which there are plenty.

Certainly it would be a very brave guard who ignored even the most remote threat on POTUS (President of the United States, for those who don’t understand newspeak) and on Tuesday April 26, a suspected mugger whilst trying to escape pursuit jumped over the fence surrounding the White House causing extreme chaos and sparking the first lockdown.

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Having injured his hand on the fence, he was ignominiously escorted by officers of the Secret Service to a hospital for treatment, and no doubt will look for pastures new to follow his trade if and when he is released.

Then on the following day, according to CNN a further lockdown occurred when a package containing papers and a phone was thrown over the White House fence during a period of time when it is believed that the President was present.

Every time this type of problem arises it causes road closures and disruption of schedules within the White House and Washington DC. One fear is that if these lockdowns become more regular, even the best trained personnel could over react due to nerves and fire at a possibly innocent person.


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