The best laid plans of mice and men!

Gibraltar Lego flag.

IT must have seemed a good idea at the time when someone had the bright idea of removing the huge Gibraltar flag made from pieces of Lego, which was housed at the entrance to the John Mackintosh Hall (where it was mainly seen by Gibraltarians), and placing it in the foyer of the Cruise Terminal.

Assuming that those who dismantle it don’t lose any pieces and remember the construction instructions, it is expected to be popular with tourists who will have yet another photographic and selfie option which will hopefully have regular appearances on social media.

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According to the government, the plan is to have the pieces reassembled and in place by the end of May. The flag has a height of 384cms, a length of 360cms and a width of 130cms, so will certainly catch the attention of passengers as they arrive at Gibraltar by sea.

Minister for Tourism Samantha Sacramento MP, welcomed the relocation of the flag to the

Cruise terminal to maximise its promotional use saying: “Hundreds of thousands of visitors to Gibraltar pass through the Cruise Terminal every year and having the Lego flag right at the entrance is attractive and fun.”

“The Gibraltar Tourist Board is constantly looking at ways in which to maximise Gibraltar’s promotional opportunities and the Lego flag relocation from its current site will give much more exposure to the Rock’s most important symbol.”

Not everybody agrees with these sentiments as it is reported that as the Cruise Terminal has certain security restrictions, it will effectively become ‘off limits’ for Gibraltarians who used to have free access to enjoy the flag in its previous home.

Still, that’s the march of progress and at least it will be something that the elderly can reminisce with their grandchildren about during their twilight years.


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