Paperwork slows animal protection

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THIS tiger is not displaying natural behaviour, say campaigners.

IN a move sure to delight those who insist that bears, elephants, tigers and other creatures do not ride bicycles, leap through rings of fire, or roller-skate voluntarily, live circus animals may soon be protected in Malaga, although legal mumbo-jumbo is currently clouding the issue.

The documentation in question comprises a new series of by-laws regarding possession and protection of animals in the city which should have been passed in February but has been held up due to confusion over wording in the section relating to animals used for entertainment.

Sustainability Councillor Raul Jimenez is the man responsible for redrafting the decree, after the General Secretary rebutted the initial proposal, but he appears ready to throw in the towel after stating that the problematic section will simply be removed if it is not approved this time.

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There is no express ban on circuses featuring live animals in the draft, but text deigned to act as a deterrent says that offenders will be “closed with the slightest indication that animals suffer some stress or psychological abuse.”

Other new directives include the revelation that household pets, of which there are around 100,000 in the capital, are now permitted to travel on the metro and may enter hotels, restaurants and bars unless there is a sign clearly stating that they may not do so, while DNA analysis is to be used for identification of pet owners who do not clean up after their dogs’.


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