Popular Party give green light to fracking in Catalunya despite regional ban

© Simon Fraser University
Fracking has been widely-adopted in the US, with devastating environmental consequences in some areas.

THE Spanish interim government has continued its audacious offensive against the environment and the will of regional authorities, annulling anti-fracking laws in Catalunya following a high court constitutional tribunal.

The latest shocker follows the abolishment of similar laws in Cantabria, La Rioja, and Navarra, which prohibited the highly damaging process of hydraulic fracturing for exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons from shale rock.

A statement from the court refers to “radical and unbridgeable” local laws regarding the “absolute and unconditional prohibition of fracking.”


The fracking theme was a favourite of disgraced ex-Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria, who was recently forced to resign from office over corruption charges.

Fracking is not currently practiced in Spain, but this now seems set to change, and the decision seems all the more bizarre given that the country currently has no permanent government.

The process is highly controversial since it requires huge amounts of water and is essentially a short-term solution to a long-term energy problem, while secondary pollution of groundwater is also a concern.


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