Mijas council chaos as Ciudadanos break agreement with PP

Mayor of Mijas Juan Carlos Maldonado.

RELATIONS between the left-leaning Cuidadanos (C’s) and right-wing Popular Party (PP) in Mijas reached a new low on Tuesday April 26, as the orange party officially terminated the coalition agreement between the pair.

Although C’s only have five seats in the 25-strong local council, Mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado has now signed the dismissals of PP officials from their positions of responsibility, opening up the possibility of a new deal with the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE).

On Monday April 25 he urged the PP to submit a no-confidence vote following months of disagreements between the ideological rivals, citing “systematic violations of the signed governing agreement.”

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The news follows Andalucian PP president Juan Manuel Moreno Bonillo’s declaration that there is a plot between the PSOE and C’s to drive the PP out of Mijas.

Speaking on national television on Thursday April 21, the PP supremo said: “I do not want to believe that the Malaga Council is also being traded, because that would be a stickup, but we do know that there have been secret meetings in the city of Marbella to replace the agreement in Mijas to one with the PSOE.”

Mijas Council denied that clandestine encounters have occurred because “we have taken photos.”


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