Arrabbiata be thy name as Pastafarians hit Alicante

© Bjorn/Flickr
PASTAFARIANS at a march.

PASTAFARIANS associated with the Alicante branch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster church have applied for permission to use the city’s official band for an event to be held on Playa del Coco beach on May 8.

An official petition was submitted this week, confirmed city spokesperson Paloma Serrano.

“The city hall will have to respond because it was an official petition,” she said. “I think it is a risk in case it becomes something serious and official, but we think that it’s a joke.”

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It appears that the Pastafarians believe they should be allowed to use the band since it had participated in the Holy Week celebrations at Easter, and they see no reason why the same rules shouldn’t be applied to them.

They would therefore appreciate the opportunity to have the ensemble cover such anthems as ‘Holy Holy Pastaroni’, ‘By His Noodly Appendage’, ‘What Sauce is This’, and ‘We Three Cheeses’.

The music would accompany a Pastafarian sermon, for which the classic invocation is the Noodles Prayer, as dictated by the prophet Ragu.


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