Sad death of a well-known chiropractor from Guadalmina

Mark Lane from the Marbella Chiropractic Facebook page.

WELL-RESPECTED chiropractor Dr Mark Lane, of Marbella Chiropractic Clinic based in Guadalmina, was sadly involved in a motorcycle incident on April 23 which resulted in his death.

Well-known in the area for his work and his membership of the Los Pussies motorcycle club, after having spent several years in Australia, Portugal, Republic of Ireland and Indonesia, he settled in Marbella where he built up a considerable client base.


  1. RIP Mark. I was distressed to hear of your passing. I remember our younger years. Sitting in your pool as a storm would break and your folks telling us to get out before we got zapped by lightening. I remember you introducing me to marmite(first and only ever encounter). I also rembered our only ever scrap at Milton State School when you made me see sense by punching me in the eye. Mark you were a true friend I’m so sorry we lost contact in our later years. Peace and love beyond this level of life. I look forward to seeing you in the afterlife. Take care my friend. I’m sure I will be seeing you again.


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