Market gardening in San Pedro de Alcantara

SAN Pedro Boulevard.

SAN PEDRO DE ALCANTARA Council has announced plans to outsource gardening and maintenance work of the town’s principal boulevard, blaming the previous administration in typical fashion.

“The government of Angeles Muñoz only cared about starting jobs, without any continuity plan, and now we have found that we have neither the staff or resources to maintain the boulevard,” said Deputy Mayor Rafael Piña, before adding “of the 50 gardeners who used to work in San Pedro, we were left with only 16 at the start of our tenure.”

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In this regard, he also expressed his sadness that neither the central government’s Streamlining and Sustainability law, nor the local Plan of Municipal Regulation permit the hiring of new municipal staff, leaving the council with no alternative.

“Outsourcing is the only option we have to provide a stable, definitive solution.”


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