Barcelona rejects Constitution Day

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Ada Colau.

IN a move that is bound to cause additional offence to the Spanish government and an attempt to further separate Barcelona and Catalunya from their Spanish neighbours, the mayor of Barcelona has announced that they will not be celebrating Constitution day on December 6. 

The town hall, under the leadership of new Mayor Ada Colau, has rejected the norm by going with the establishment in the celebrating the Spanish day. This comes after her offending the monarchy, the Catholic Church, and the country’s armed forces over the last 10 months. 

Speaking after the session of council, Deputy Mayor Gerardo Pisarello described the motion as a “hypocritical and out-dated defence” of a Constitution, which has been emptied of meaningful content.

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Other separatist parties joined in with Ada Colau viewpoint and rejected the proposal that the national holiday of Constitution Day on December 6 should be marked with a series of commemorative events and official engagements. The proposal was initially put forward by PP, and supported by PSOE and Ciudadanos. However, was opposed by Sra Colau’s BComú party, CiU, ERC and CUP. 

CUP party representative, Josep Garganté was bluntly outspoken in criticising the Spanish Constitution and said “it should be burnt.” 

Àngels Esteller of the PP accused those who opposed the proposal and voted against voted against the motion of only accepting those people who share their own opinions. Whilst Paco Sierra of Ciudadanos proposed the reinstalling of a plaque commemorating the signing of the Spanish Constitution in its original location in the Plaza Sant Jaume in Barcelona.


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