Washed up

© Serbal Almeria
One of the weird-looking animals.

A MASS stranding of a bizarre sea creature on Cabo de Gata’s Barronal beach has been reported.

More than thirty of the otherworldly, gelatinous blobs were counted on Sunday April 10, but although it appears to resemble a jellyfish or clumps of fish roe, the animal in question is actually related to snails and slugs.

Cymbulia peronei is a species of mollusc with a cartilaginous shell, characterised by its peculiar foot, which comprises two plates of modified skin that move in a wing-like fashion, propelling the critter through the water.

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It measures around 5cm long and is completely harmless.

The Society for Study and Recuperation of Almerian Biodiversity (SERBAL) identified the invertebrate, adding that events such as this are uncommon in Almeria but do happen occasionally at this time of year.


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