Nesting birds cause a careful clean-up

BEACH CLEAN: The birds’ nests are being protected by manual clearing of the beach.

THE Department of Agriculture, Fishing and Environment for the Council of Andalucia in Malaga has urged the town hall of Nerja to take the necessary measures to avoid irreparable damage to the Kentish plover wader birds (Charadrius alexandrinus), that have made their nests in some areas along the Playazo beach.

These swimming birds live in sandy coastal areas and lay their eggs directly on the beach, sandy dunes being their preference.

The nests are formed into a cup shape in the sand, lined with small shells, and strategically built at a safe distance from the water’s edge. The birds generally lay three very pale brown coloured eggs with black and grey spots.


To protect the nests from possible damage and destruction, the town hall of Nerja has proceeded to clean the beaches manually during the breeding season of the species which is from April to July.


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