Gastroledo 2016 to host Spain’s most prominent chefs

© Davidlohr Bueso, via Flickr
City of Toledo to hold gastronomy conference.

THE coming months shall see some of Spain’s most prominent chefs such as Joan Roca, Ivan Cerdeno and Martin Berasategui take part in a series of seminars and lectures for the Gastroledo 2016 conference in Toledo. 

The culinary event, running from May 5 to November 14, is organised as a joint project by the City of Toledo and the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) and promises to be a gastronomic and educational sensation.

Registration for the conference, held at the Cultural Centre of San Marcos, is free and aimed at students from the Toledo School of Hospitality, students from UCLM, and the general public.

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The city of Toledo, particularly the mayor, Milagros Toulon, has spoken out in support of the event. 

The council, together with chef Pepe Rodriguez, from award-winning Toledo restaurant, El Bohio, hope that the event will cement Toledo’s position on the gourmet tourism map. Furthermore, the aim is to ensure that haute cuisine becomes accessible to all, not just the elite.

This drive to bring exciting cuisine to the wider public will also culminate in the publication of a cook book, put together by lauded Michelin-star Spanish chefs such as Angel Leon and Quique Dacosta, that will teach home-cooks to fully utilise their ingredients. 

Part of the proceeds from the book, due to be published in November this year, will go to the La Rioja Food Bank, a charitable organisation that distributes food and educates on food waste prevention. 


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