Not just a pretty face!

© Kenny McCormick
GUADALEST: One of the most visited places in Spain.

GUADALEST is the only Alicante municipality amongst the 44 towns and villages officially certified as Spain’s loveliest.

To belong to this exclusive club it is necessary to have a population of less than 15,000 and recognised architectural or natural assets. 

The network is creating its own reservations centre and is promoting member towns as quality destinations under the Marca España brand. There is also a guide detailing leisure and sporting activities, especially during the low season.


Guadalest is already an established tourist destination, local mayor Enrique Ponsoda said, that the Loveliest Towns and Villages label is good for the much-visited town. “We’ve noticed that we receive visitors because of our reputation for being one of Spain’s most picturesque places.”

Municipalities in Castellon and Teruel will be the first to introduce the online and telephone booking system, which will gradually extend to other towns and villages.


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