Is Benidorm finally set for AVE shuttle link?

© Wikimedia
AVE high speed trains at Alicante station.

THERE is a new twist in the exhaustive tale of the Benidorm AVE shuttle link, with the Department of Infrastructure boldly proclaiming that it should be in place before the summer.

Officials held meetings with the state-owned railway company ADIF, on Thursday April 21, to discuss the plans, and address implementation of the shuttle service, which will “unify” the Costa Blanca’s tourist capital with Alicante.

During the talks, it was made clear that National Express subsidiary ALSA, which manages the standard service between the two towns, will assume responsibility for the shuttles, the itinerary of which will be limited to a single stop at Alicante Bus station.

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The idea of a combined ticket in order to ensure that only AVE passengers use the shuttle service was also mooted.

ADIF confirmed that one coach per train would stop at the railway station, and will now investigate the logistics involved, with an answer expected shortly.


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