Follow the money

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RESIGNED: Jose Manuel Soria.

ACTING minister of Industry, Jose Manuel Soria, of course, dissolved his offshore Panama company years ago and naturally roundly denied any fiscal wrongdoing. All was going swimmingly until national daily El Mundo claimed to have seen a document with his signature confirming he was also a director of a Jersey-registered Mechanical Trading Limited.

Soria has now resigned, something of a first for a Spanish minister, although even the Teflon-coated have to jump out of the frying pan into the fire once they break the 11th Commandment and are found out. 

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It all adds up

POLLSTERS predict that Ciudadanos could win more seats in another general election than they managed in December. Which means that it would be interesting to see what happens to the current PSOE-Ciudadanos pact in a not-impossible scenario, where the PP and Ciudadanos could scrape up a majority between them. The prospect of a new election has loomed large following a deadlock in negotiations.


Speaking a different language

SUPPORT for independence is waning in the Basque Region, with only 24 per cent of Basques backing a complete break from Spain.  

Catalan support is still only half and half, a telling figure bearing in mind the regional government’s assumption that this is what the country wants on one hand, and heckling and hysteria from outside the region on the other.  

Monolingual Spain’s insistence on identifying nationalism as separatism has much to answer for and is partly responsble for Cataluña’s continuing discontent.


Money, money, money

MARIANO RAJOY, Pedro Sanchez, Albert Rivera and Pablo Iglesias each want to be president.

But unless jointly or singly they manage to get their acts together before April 27 there will be another election and political considerations apart, this is something they wanted to avoid and, as always, filthy lucre is the reason.

The PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos and Podemos leaders know that these months of shilly-shallying and failure to form a government are costing them credibility and followers. 

But another election campaign is going to cost them money and thanks to the tsunami of corruption cases they can’t even succumb to the temptation of a spot of illegal funding.


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