So many have joined the heavenly host this year

© Bryan Costales - Wikimedia
Jefferson Airplane with Paul Kantner on the right.

ACCORDING to Plato, each star represents the soul of a person who has passed away, and if we look at the first four months of this year, then musicians, actors and presenters must have been queuing up to take their place in the firmament.

January really saw the ultimate rock band consisting of David Bowie on vocals, Glen Frey from the Eagles and Paul Kantner from Jefferson Airplane on guitars and backing vocals, Lemmy on bass and Dale Griffin from Mott the Hoople on drums. Unlike earlier decades, when 27 seemed to be the magic age for musician’s deaths, at least these guys managed to pack plenty of years into their musical careers.

The next few months were more selective with country singer Merle Haggard, ‘crooner’ Frank Sinatra Jnr, Maurice White from funk heroes Earth, Wind and Fire and just a few days ago Prince joining the celestial choir.


On the acting and presenting front there has been a steady stream of sad losses which include Alan Rickman, Ronnie Corbett, Gary Shandling, Paul Daniels, David Gest and Victoria Wood. In addition the ‘marmite’ of radio and TV, Terry Wogan also died.

In today’s world where celebrity is fleeting, almost every one of these artists had enjoyed long and well-respected careers, and in many cases were suffering from serious illnesses. Assuming that Plato was correct, then they will all be looking down on the Earth and enjoying the praises that have been heaped upon them since their demise. 



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