Ramos wants to retire at Real Madrid

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Sergio Ramos.

When the time is right to hang up his football boots, Sergio Ramos has revealed he would like to do so at Real Madrid. This statement came amid revelations that he received an offer from Manchester United last summer. 

Heavy speculation surrounded the player last year when rumours of a potential move to Old Trafford were rife. 

In the end, the Spanish defender remained at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, and signed a new long-term deal with Real Madrid. 


In his latest interview Ramos made public the fact United wanted to sign him, and bid for his employment. 

Ramos said, “There was a firm offer, on paper. For a moment I thought about a change of scene, but Real Madrid was always my priority. I felt disappointed, but not due to economic problems like people said.”

He continued that he hadn´t heard of any interest from Chelsea although many things are constantly being said. 

Ramos, originally from Seville added, “Flattery from big clubs is always good as this is because you are doing well, but if the fans and my club want me, my first thought is to retire here.” 


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