Dam busters

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La Concepcion dam.

RESIDENTS of the Costa del Sol have been assured that the municipal water supply is guaranteed throughout 2016, with Acosol, the company in charge of water management in the region, having put measures in place to ensure a continuous supply during the summer, even if the lack of rainfall persists.

Key among these is the use of Marbella’s desalinisation plant, which has been operating since October 2015, and the contribution from Gibraltar following a two-year old agreement allowing transfer of water from Cadiz to Malaga.

Alongside existing wells, these steps should ensure that the water level in La Concepcion dam, close to Istan, does not fall dramatically this summer as has happened in previous years.

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The dam is currently at 61.68 per cent of capacity, a dramatic reduction compared with April 2015, when it was 96 per cent full.


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