Suspected Daesh recruiter arrested in Mallorca


MASKED police in Mallorca have arrested a suspected recruiter for Daesh at his home in the island’s capital Palma on Tuesday April 19. 

The 26-year-old Moroccan man was described by the Spanish interior ministry as posing a “clear threat to national security,” who targeted vulnerable young potential recruits for the terrorist organisation online. 

More than a dozen police officers participated in the raid and were captured on video leaving the man’s flat in the city’s Son Gotleu district with boxes containing computer equipment.

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While the precise nature of the man’s involvement with terrorist activities, if confirmed to be true, is unknown, police have indicated their belief that he was in contact with Daesh militants in Syria.

The arrest comes at a time of heightened security and growing paranoia as frequent media reports suggest that the terrorist group, believed responsible for murderous attacks in Paris and Brussels, is planning strikes against holidaymakers on Mediterranean resorts in Spain, France and Italy. 

A German newspaper also published claims earlier this week that terrorists could camouflage themselves in ice cream vans, or pose as street vendors, before carrying out atrocities against tourists. 

Only four days ago on April 16, Spanish police arrested a couple in the southern port city of Algeciras on suspicion of having ties with the terrorist group. Police have now apprehended 20 suspected terrorists in Spain this year alone. 


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