It would be funny if it wasn’t possibly true

© gichristof flickr
African beach seller.

THE German newspaper Bild has published a report based on intelligence reports from both German and Italian secret service sources that Daesh may be considering attacking tourists in Italy, the South of France and Spain, in an audacious plan whereby African members of terrorist group Boko Haram, recruited from Nigeria, will become beach sellers.

They will be armed with ice cream, t-shirts, sunglasses, Kalashnikovs and explosives and will potentially target tourists on the sun drenched beaches of the Mediterranean using suicide vests or placing explosives under sunbeds.

The previously unspoken irony is that the Germans are renowned for hogging the sunbeds whilst the Italians are the masters of production of Ice Cream Bombes.

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Although the initial thought is amusing, unfortunately in today’s world, any possibility, even as unlikely as this, needs to be considered seriously. It is even possible that the concept has been fed to the intelligence services by Daesh as a means of intimidating tourists.


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