English warship cannons discovered in Calpe

© donvictorio via shutterstock

HISTORY has a way of catching us by surprise and worked its magic once again in Calpe where the fishing guild’s regular port cleanup uncovered three 16th century cannons from a sunken English warship.

The discovery has caused quite a stir in the northern Costa Blanca town, attracting prominent archaeologists and prompting the idea of an aquatic museum to showcase the myriad of treasures lingering in the depths of Calpe’s coastal waters. 

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Divers also found the sea-preserved remains of their accompanying galley and the local authorities are consulting with experts on how best to salvage the artefacts, which are thought to belong to the same ship as another four cannons found in 1997. 

Their remarkable condition has been attributed to the preservative qualities of seawater which, along with UNESCO’S philosophy on protecting underwater heritage, has encouraged archaeologists to advise keeping the cannons underwater for now. 

Given the delicate nature of the find, the excavation process could also be heavily disruptive to the local environment. Together with the cannons, more than one and a half tons of rubbish was brought to the surface by a small army of volunteers, leaving the head of the fishing guild to warn of the importance of keeping our waters clean for future generations.


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