Brexit Pots and Kettles

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Mr Michael Gove.

MICHAEL GOVE, campaigning on behalf of the Out Campaign has been setting out his new vision for how the UK would look outside of the EU. 

In a line some believe to be excruciatingly hypocritical, he has accused the ‘remain’ campaign of treating the voters like children with their tactics of waging a campaign of fear, seeking to leave voters feeling:  “frightened into obedience by conjuring up new bogeymen every night”

This comes only a month after he brazenly released a list of rapes and murders committed by EU nationals in, as many believe, was a shameless attempt to sway public opinion. If this isn’t scaremongering then Gove should consult his closest dictionary as it states the definition as the spreading of frightening or ominous reports or rumours. His rivals believe that on a second count of barefaced hypocrisy Gove’s strategy is equally juvenile and a ploy in which the educated public can see clearly through. 

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Mr Gove stated on national radio that Brexit must go ahead “before it’s too late”, and if people vote to remain in the EU it would mean “voting to be hostages, locked in the back of a car”. He then went on to warn of the threat posed by foreigners and criminals as if the public should suddenly be alarmed on the current status quo.  

The Secretary of State for Justice and his associates argue that Brexit will mean an end to austerity although opponents believe that instead of balancing the books they are simply mis-guided and their claim of saving the NHS and the steel industry among other pledges are purely hyperbole amidst a war of words and empty promises. 

Chancellor Osbourne mocked the Remain campaign: “The City of London would become a ghost town, our manufacturing industries would be sanctioned more punitively than even communist North Korea, decades would pass before a single British Land Rover or Mr Kipling cake could ever again be sold in France and in the meantime our farmers would have been driven from the land by poverty worse than the Potato Famine.

“To cap it all, an alliance of Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump, emboldened by our weakness, would, like some geopolitical equivalent of the Penguin, Catwoman and the Joker, be liberated to spread chaos worldwide and subvert our democracy.”


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