TRIPLE A charity response to Seprona press release

© Guardia Civil
Dead animals.

IN what may be considered an unusual move, the Seprona division of the Guardia Civil issued a very detailed press release concerning their activities when raiding the office of the charity on April 11, and effectively accuses up to 17 members of the charity of a number of detailed criminal offences, although no charges appear to have been laid as yet.

Accompanying the release were a number of uncaptioned photographs including a shot of dead animals with the clear inference being that they had been killed by Triple A.

The charity immediately responded stating: “In response to the images of dead animals, released today April 17, 2016 by various medias, based on the video recorded and released by SEPRONA, The Association of Abandoned Animals of Marbella, Triple A, would like to make the following statement:

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The Triple A has a freezer within its installations where dead animals from the municipality of Marbella are deposited and of which are brought in by the sanitation services of the town hall.

Therefore, the images shown do not correspond to dead animals sacrificed in the Triple A installations. From the animals exhibited in those images, amongst which is a goat and a seagull, only four dogs and a cat have passed away in the installations since February 26, the collection day of the authorised company in charge of transporting the cadavers of animals and their further incineration.

From these five animals only one, a puppy who was born with a birth defect which impeded its breathing, had to be sacrificed. This sacrifice was carried out by a vet, with all the necessary protocols, after having carried out various diagnostic tests on the animal, including X-rays. The puppy was called Bingo, he arrived in December, 2015 together with his four brothers who have all been adopted.”

Clearly this story has a long way to run until it finally reaches a conclusion.



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