Park is nothing more than a giant dog toilet

© flickr by Eliazar Parra Cardenas
WORKS ON PARK: A new fence has been erected and padlocks attached to the access points.

ON July 31, more than 100 concerned Torrevieja residents attended a meeting at Casa Ventura Restaurant to discuss the stoppage of works on the La Siesta/El Chaparral Park. 

Upon hearing that the Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon was the only one who could release funds for work on the park to continue, it was decided that a petition was needed to be presented to the town hall.

Thus a petition was presented to the mayor that contained 2,408 signatures on Thursday October 29, 2015.


Since then, the only work to be carried out on the park was the erection of a wire fence and padlocks on the access points plus a few meetings with local councillors and staff. It’s hoped that work will commence on the park again soon, although jokes from the Pentapartido’s Foreign Residents Office about the park being nothing more than a giant ‘Dog Pee-Pee Can’ have not gone down well with local residents. 



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