Huge cocaine busts in Barcelona

© Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil has seized 210 kilos of cocaine paste which had been smuggled into the country cleverly stuffed inside furniture. 

The paste was planned for use once additional chemicals get added to transform it into about a ton of cocaine intended for public consumption. 

The aptly named operation, project Molecular, by the Guardia Civil arrested 13 members of the organisation and has seized numerous items, including five vehicles, €27,191 in cash, six rifles and industrial scales and all the materials needed for processing and cooking drugs. 

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Of the 13 arrested, eight men and five women, nationalities included Colombian, Spanish, Peruvian, Guinean, Moroccan and Cuban all aged between 25 and 71. 

The alarm was initially raised by the DEA in the states when a large scale operation was tracked, having originating in Colombia, with the intention of smuggling contraband into Europe using Barcelona port as the gateway. 

After an intense monitoring operation, the Guardia pounced on the traffickers throughout different parts of Barcelona City. 

It has been reported by the Guardia Civil that the operation was perfectly organised with a hierarchical structure, everyone employed to carry out particular roles. 

The smuggling operation started in Peru where the drugs were stashed cunningly in modified furniture, and even made it as far as a storage unit in Barcelona before the Guardia Civil bust the operation wide open. 


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