Plane landing at Heathrow reportedly hit by drone

flickr by Pieter van Marion

A PLANE is believed to have hit a drone shortly before managing to make a smooth landing at Heathrow Airport, according to reports from the Metropolitan Police on Sunday (April 17).

The British Airways flight, originally proceeding from Geneva in Switzerland, reportedly came into contact with the drone as it was preparing to land at around 12.50pm. There were 137 people on the aircraft, 132 passengers and five crew members.

The pilot made a report of the incident after landing, stating that he had seen an object, presumably a drone, crash into the front of the plane. As a result of the scare, the plane was given a full examination but was eventually given the go-ahead to continue on its next flight.


The aviation police are now looking into the matter to determine who was responsible for the situation and to see whether arrests need to be made, although police have indicated that for the time being, no suspects have been apprehended. 



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