Thousands call for Cameron’s resignation during huge London march

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THOUSANDS of people took to the streets of Central London on Saturday (April 16) to demand the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

The protest, organized by the People’s Assembly, gave many frustrated citizens an opportunity to cry out against government austerity cuts. The march began near the University of Central London and then wound its way through various city streets before ultimately leading to a spirited rally in Trafalgar Square.

More than 150,000 people gathered in the square, carrying custom-made signs, shouting slogans and wearing different kinds of masks, with pigs being a particularly popular choice. Meanwhile, more than 100 coaches brimming with people flooded towards the capital so that people from all points of the country could throw their hats into the ring and participate in the political outcry.


Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell addressed the huge crowd by positing that ‘Cameron should go’ and that ‘he should take his party with him.’

He went on to say that he felt that while the Conservatives are on a downward slide, consistently disappointing the public and failing to follow through on economic promises, opinion polls indicate that his party is  ‘going from strength to strength.’


  1. I can’t take any so called serious demonstrations seriously when I see odd looking people smiling and laughing while they protest. I bet at least 50% of the marchers would squirrel their money away if they had it. Who wouldn’t like to cut their tax payments legally as many rich people have. In fact we all know someone who is fiddling their tax by doing work for cash in hand for example. Even the person who is having the work done is on the fiddle by not paying VAT.

  2. I would be joining them if I was in uk
    The whole country is a mess
    No education (one person thought usa money was €)
    she said well it is euro or pounds everywhere!!!!
    people I met are sending their children abroad for education or getting it on the internet.
    Health service ??? they have the most amputees in europe with their treatment of diabetics rest is a joke.
    Why worry they give everything to the immigrants


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