Violent gang arrested

© Guardia Civil
CCTV footage of gang

A GROUP described as dangerous and extremely violent has been detained by the Guardia Civil. Eleven people have been arrested and goods including two firearms, numerous stolen jewels, money, computers, audio-visual equipment, various tools and a whopping 17 vehicles seized. 

It is thought that the organised group carried out robberies predominantly on jeweller’s shops, gas stations, private homes and also stole cars as part of their repertoire of thefts across the Murcia Region. 

As part of operation “STEVEDORE”, which began in October 2015, the authorities have now charged 10 men, of which are either Moroccan, Algerian in nationality and one Spaniard, with charges being brought against them for robbery with violence and intimidation, injury, illegal detention, robbery and membership of a criminal organisation. 


A total of nine house searches took place in Torre Pacheco, Cartagena and Cartagena districts of La Palma and Pozo Estrecho (Murcia), in which multiple weapons and ammunition were seized. It is alleged that the vicious gang consistently used violence and would not hesitate to beat and threaten victims with firearms, and in some cases severely injuring an unfortunate few. 

In a statement the Guardia Civil said that one of the main organisational objectives was to steal from jewellers in a violent and threatening way by using pistols and shotguns. 

Other targets were service stations, playrooms, management centres and a local brothel. 

The detainees are due to appear in Court number 4 in Cartagena, Murcia. The operation is still open with new actions and arrests not being ruled out.



  1. Unfortunately there are a growing number of crimes committed by foreign nationals in Spain and across the EU. Spain has allowed organised crime bosses to live comfortably around the coast for years. But increasing migration – legal or illegal – by people from countries with radical different religions and cultures, has led to the problems of integrating into western society and adapt to the way of life. It has led to illegal activities or worse, as we have witnessed, terrorism.

  2. Sorry-peterfieldman

    They said there is one Spaniard arrested also. Im sure crimes were around before people moved to different countries. urgh, go back to reading the Sun. Borning.


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