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Triple A Charity Marbella and San Pedro
Volunteers and some of the rescued dogs

MORE news emerged on the Triple A position when volunteer Lily Van Tongeren was interviewed by well known presenter Nicole King on her RTV Marbella radio programme on April 13.

Obviously upset, Ms Van Tongeren who indicated that she considered that an injustice had taken place read from a prepared statement the main points of which are detailed below.

The Triple A facility was visited by officers of the Guardia Civil Seprona division on April 11 following a denouncement. Three people were taken for questioning and returned to their compound on the same day in a shocked and disturbed state.


She indicated that they now have to await the conclusions following the interviews and the removal of documents but everyone is asked to keep an open mind.

A great deal of damage has been done to the reputation of the charity and the volunteers who do so much for the animals and the charity doubts that those who accuse them realize the harm that they will have done.

Triple A wishes to make it clear that all they have done is to care for animals and given them a second chance of life by finding them adoptive families in Spain and Europe.

The charity will never kill any of the animals in its care, except in extreme cases where the animal is so ill that it has no likelihood of recovery nor does it have any quality of life.

The whole operation is run by volunteers with some support from the Ayuntamiento of Marbella and without Triple A, literally thousands of animals would die over a period of time.

Whilst the events of the previous days are unpleasant, the charity continues to open its doors and will carry on looking after the animals in its care.

As previously announced, it will host an open day to celebrate 25 years of caring for abandoned and mistreated animals which will run from 12pm to 5pm on Sunday April 17.

With free entrance and plenty of parking, you can show your support and enjoy a good day which should include live music from singer/guitarist Eli Hernandez and violinist Annya both of whom are accomplished and well known musicians.

In addition, there will a market, food and drinks, and plenty to keep the children occupied with face painting and a bouncy castle as well as a whole collection of cute animals to see.

The compound used to be a little difficult to get to but there is now new easy access at AAA Crta. Ojen KM 33. 29600 Marbella, Malaga.


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