Students protests erupt across Spain

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DEMONSTRATIONS broke out in cities across the country on Thursday April 14 as secondary school students turned out in numbers to protest against recent changes in the length of university degrees, rising tuition fees and other aspects of education legislation.

The Popular Party’s education bill was brought in 2014 to the general chagrin of political rivals, parents and teachers. Among the unpopular changes were an increased number of written examinations and the reintroduction of religious studies, as well as making it more difficult for working class students to attend university.

Banners featured slogans such as ‘We will not pay for their fraud’, ‘No! These costs are impossible’, plus the more laconic ‘Sons of bitches’.


The demonstrations took place within the wider context of austerity cuts and labour reform laws facing the nation.

Students turned out in their thousands to voice their disapproval with the government, with the biggest marches taking place in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

The demonstrations followed a two-day student strike and similar marches earlier in the week.



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