Red Ken launches fresh broadside against Johnson

© Wikimedia
Ken Livingstone.

Ken Livingstone launched his latest scathing attack on London Mayor Boris Johnson, warning the British public to consider “Boris being alone with their daughters” before voting for Brexit.

In an interview published in the magazine Hampstead & Highgate Express, Livingstone accused Johnson of using his time as London Mayor for self-promotion.

“Apart from the cable car to nowhere, Boris has not done anything,” said the left wing incendiary. “He has just spent eight years promoting himself.”

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He also suggested that Brexit would hand Johnson the keys to Number 10, warning: “Cameron would be gone within days and Boris would be our Prime Minister.

“’I would personally start thinking about emigrating to somewhere the economy is not going to collapse.”

Livingstone twice lost out to Johnson in London Mayoral elections, with both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns dogged by personal insults between the pair.

Johnson famously cornered Livingstone in a lift after Red Ken accused him of tax avoidance, unleashing a barrage of expletives to his face.

It was later revealed that Livingstone himself had certain arrangements in place to limit the amount of tax he needed to pay.


  1. The man is a idiot who is angered because Boris was favoured over him, I never have liked him and don’t think I ever will… I don’t think Boris is anything fantastic but in general would prefer him over Red Ken any day! What sort of a person makes a remark like that? An immature youngster on social media maybe…

    Do these people really feel so desperate as to make remarks like this, shows us the real people they hold within!


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