Q-mapp the sexy app

REGISTERED USERS: Can access an interactive map in any Spanish city updating them of the whereabouts of ladies of the night. A search engine enables users to choose a profile and chat to women in the area.

WITH continual technological advances everything can be found online these days. A new app is offering an online version of adult classified ads to red-blooded users. 

Similar to apps such as Uber, it locates people who offer sexual services in the town via an interactive map showing shoppers who is available in the area before they ‘add to basket’. 

The app can be accessed at www.q-mapp.es ‘Q-mapp’, from any browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer…) and from any device including mobile phones, tablets, or PCs. Customers can remain as anonymous users or register if they wish, which allows for regular updates. 


Registered users can also access an interactive map in any Spanish city updating them of the whereabouts of local ladies of the night. Additionally, it comes with a search engine enabling users to choose a profile, chat to women in the area and the possibility of calling her on the phone. 

With the benefit of a state of the art tool positioning individual ads on a map, the app uses modern, cutting-edge technology to promote the oldest profession known. 

The company is at the frontline of the market, knowing where their closest potential clients are. 

The ads also have complete mobility, if a change of location occurs with just the click of a button adverts get updated with a new location and a new advert is not needed. 

A user’s visibility is also a setting that can change according to individual desires. 

As a marketing tool the functional app is reasonably priced, with a minimum cost to be included on the map of €0.40 a day or €12 a month. It allows its users complete independence and they don’t have to be exposed in the street. 

‘Q-mapp’ (www.q-mapp.es) and its creators want to make it clear that it is completely in opposition to the illegal trafficking of humans for sexual aims. The new ‘web app’ also has a social aim which is “taking prostitution off the streets.”

Society can be hypocritical but the reality is that there is a big percentage of the population that uses this type of services. 


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