Panic on Bilbao flight

© Wikimedia
Hop! Is a subsidiary of Air France

PASSENGERS on an aborted flight from Paris to Bilbao on Wednesday April 13 were left so scared that some phoned home to ‘say goodbye’.

The drama unfolded at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, just before the flight was about to leave for Spain, when a man ‘of Arabic origin’ failed to board the plane despite having checked in.

He was seen to be travelling alongside a woman who did board alongside 100 or so other passengers, but panic broke out when crew members were unable to locate him and announced a ‘security breach’.

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There was also concern regarding an unidentified item of baggage on the plane, operated by Air France subsidiary Hop!, which no passenger claimed ownership of.

The woman, who did not speak French or Spanish, was interviewed and was able to confirm that she was not travelling with the man, and that the unidentified bag did not belong to her. 

The flight was due to take off at 9pm but was cancelled, with shaken passengers transferred to a local hotel for the night before being flown out the next morning.

One passenger told newspaper El Correo: “It was awful. It’s true that people were calling home saying they were experiencing something very dramatic and they didn’t know what was going to happen.”


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